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I have actually been working for virtually 7 years in IT. I love modern technology, I'm passionate concerning this area but just how can innovation help our company visitors? Listed here is a list of my 11 complete ideal travel apps.


In my opinion this is the best app to find accommodation. Clearly one of the best travel apps around.

It is offered for Android and Apple products.


This application is actually superb; this is actually the ideal tool for travelers that need to recognize what is actually around them. If you are searching for a bistro, drug store, filling station, ATM MACHINE, lodging, activities nearby or even generally everything you simply have to aim your cellular phone before you and find what is actually around you! It will definitely tell you the title of the spot as well as how much you are actually from that place. Wonderful app on the most effective travel apps list!

It is actually accessible for Android as well as Apple items


What regarding an app to place all your unpleasant details, flight verifications, hostel bookings or even calendar reminders all at the very same area? Evernote is actually doing just that and the good thing is actually that it integrate in real time on your cell phone, tablet computer or even computer system. You won't overlook or even shed anything again through this app and that is actually why Evernote is actually making it on the most effective travel apps list.

It is actually on call for Android as well as Apple products.

Wi-fi finder

Quite basic, you require a Wi-Fi link? Scan around you and also find one easily. The good perk concerning this ideal travel application is that you may discover the closest social Wi-Fi near you!

It is actually readily available for Android and Apple items.


This application check every airline company companies on call and also offer you the most affordable air travel tickets price. No surprise why this application is producing the listing of the most ideal travel apps. I am going to show you just how to utilize this great use properly in a later article on travel and trip hacks.

This app is available on most platforms


They have a really nice website with lot of information and the app is one of the best travel app. You want to read reviews about a place that you want to go backpack or travel? Want to know what kind of sightseeing and activities a certain country has to offer? There you have it.

It is available on many popular platforms.

Xe currency

Simple and useful app that convert currencies. This app is updating the currency rates in real time, so you have the latest conversion mobile wifi rates. A must have while traveling!

Available on many platforms.


This app is really useful if you didn't unlock your phone (I REALLY advise you to unlock your phone while traveling) or if you don't want to. Heywire uses Wi-Fi connection to allow you to text your friends back at home without using any data. No more surprise cell phone bills!

Available for Android and Apple products.


The name of this application is self-explanatory, this app is great to find and book hostels all around the world. This is the best app for hostel booking and often you will have a promo or coupon if you book an hostel using this app.

It is available on most platforms

This one is great. Connect your cell phone to a Wi-Fi connection and download all the maps you need. Then unplug the Internet and surprise! You have a Google Maps style application that you can use OFFLINE!

Available on most platforms


Last but not least, Skype! We all know Skype but this app will become really important oversea. You will miss your family and friends, and with Skype you can communicate by instant messaging and by video for free. Don't skip this one, trust me.

Available on most platforms

And that's it! When traveling, this is my list of best travel apps and those will help you a great deal. Technologies nowadays go really far, so why not use it?

Here is a list of my 11 absolute best travel apps.

Great application on the best travel apps list!

You won't lose or forget anything again with this app and that's why Evernote is making it on the best travel apps list.

No wonder why this application is making the list of the best travel apps. They have a really nice website with lot of information and the app is one of the best travel app.

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